Saturday, 9 September 2017

Names or what were they thinking? part 3

I started posting about names because I have always had issue with the name I was given at birth. When I consider all the name changing that went on in my family, it seems that changing their label was common to the females of my family. I didn’t go as far as my grandmother. Instead of changing the original record, I use an abbreviation of my name. That is how I introduce myself but some people just have to use the long name. Why? 

What is worse is when that long name is used to identify me in print. I recently received a copy of Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends and immediately looked for my name in the book. There was that long name in full and in print. But, other than that, the receiving the book was a thrill.

There is nothing like finding clues to your ancestry in a book. Some books give you a better understanding of events that your ancestors lived through, some give a better picture of where they lived and, some, the best ones, actually give details of your actual family. Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends is one of those better ones for me. It also shows that my grandmother’s strategy was best, her name in the book is given as May Catherine, the name she had her birth entry changed to, her sister known in real life as Peg, is called Margaret; probably a good thing that Auntie Peg is no longer here to see that in print. 

 Angie Littlefield's new book, "Tom Thomson's Fine Kettle of Friends"

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