Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Story of Vancouver in the ‘70s, part 3

Listening to the music of an era is one of the best ways to evoke the feeling of the period and, for those who lived through the time, the music taps into memories. For me, some of Elton John’s tunes remind me of my time in the Vancouver of the ‘70s. 

The ‘70s were a time when Elton John was at his most flamboyant. Maybe that is why the girls hatched their plan. Both Christine and Diane like to dress to the nines and draw your attention. Together they came up with the scheme for our crew to dress up for the concert so that people would wonder who this special group were. 

The night arrived and we were ready. The girls and their escorting boyfriends looked elegant. Even Bradley looked like a magazine model in his suit. No doubt they caused speculation among people in the audience. I wasn’t looking too closely as I concentrated on climbing the arena steps without tripping on my skirts. My enjoyment of the evening started after I was in my seat and the music started. Then all eyes were on the spectacle on stage and our crew all enjoyed the concert in their own ways. 


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