Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cars, Journeys and Change part 2

Unlike many artifacts from the past, it is relatively easy to find examples of old cars like mum and dad, the grandparents, or even yourself, used to have. Old cars are collector’s items and the collectors not only enjoy driving them around on nice summer days but also show them off at car shows. 

These cars at the Annual Downtown Car Show in Port Coquitlam are looking their best. They really attract a lot of people.

These are cars at Steamship Days. It must have been an amazing sight when the cars for this show came over on the ferry to Bowen Island.


The Grey Roots Museum and Archives in Owen Sound has an old gas station with a gravity fed gas pump as part of its historic display.  

The gas pump and station look strange to us now because most gas stations now have a similar modern design and the pumps are standard from one station to another. The classic cars stand out because they are treasured examples of old models and there are so many of them gathered in one place. In the temperate Lower Mainland of British Columbia, it is not unusual to see older model cars being driven down the street. When I first moved here, my head would turn when I noticed the older vehicles which were not common where I had come from, now they are a part of the traffic.


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