Saturday, 14 October 2017

Laying the groundwork part 6

Taking classes and attending seminars is something that I find really interesting. I like to find out new information and make lots of notes. It all sounds so good at the time. Maybe that new information could be the solution to a brick wall or give me a clue to take that problem family back a generation. I have lots of folders full notes of helpful hints that just sit there. 

The same thing happens with my research. I love the hunt. Searching for those elusive ancestors through wills, deeds and written accounts is addictive. Once the piece of data is captured by transcription, photocopy, photo or on a flash drive the hunt is over. The thrill is gone. And the data sits there. I still have copies of interesting stuff unprocessed from research trips. This has to change.

There has been some progress since I started writing this blog. In the search for topics I have accessed some of the data that was sitting around gathering dust. There is lots more where that came from. My aim is to get organized so that I can not only put my research in order to find great topics to write about but to even use the information from seminars for ideas for topics and future research. I hope to start this after I return from the genealogy conference. Wish me luck!

Some of the research information waiting to be used

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