Monday, 18 December 2017

Coming Up

I learned a lot about early days in Upper Canada putting together “A Time in Old Ontario”. That’s one of the things I love about writing this blog. My understanding of history and my ancestors’ lives increases with everything that I research and write.

Of course, while I am working on one series of posts, I am always thinking of what I want to move onto next. The story about the Tripps in Ontario brought a few other topics to mind. I want to write about Charles Tripp and the American Revolution, but I will need to do a lot more research before I am ready to write about that subject. The pension records themselves suggested a couple of other subjects to me.

One of the subjects was how people in history coped with getting older especially when there was nothing like a pension to get them through. That would be interesting to look into. Another subject that suggested itself was that of women’s voices. They are often hard to find in historical documents, but in Jane Tripp’s application we hear some of her story but, noticeably, when she needed proof to support her claim all of the people who gave depositions were men.

I will need to decide soon. 

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