Monday, 9 October 2017

Laying the groundwork part 5

DNA is one of the latest tools in the genealogist’s toolkit. It would be helpful to have a better grasp on the subject and, like every good conference, the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit has sessions on how to use DNA to help with your genealogy research. 

Family historians embraced DNA technology from the get-go. I can remember hearing about it years ago when the only tests available for genealogists were for males because the first genealogy related tests used the Y chromosome. Technology developed rapidly after that so now there are basically three types of DNA that can be tested for genealogical purposes (well, two if you are female and can’t talk any male relatives into parting with their precious cells.)

Some family historians have really gotten into this new technology and have impressive colour charts of where on the chromosomes their various relatives match up. They must have done very well in Math class is all I can say. I hope one day to be able to decipher one of those diagrams or at least be able to tell if it is advantageous to test with more than one company.  I hope the DNA sessions will jump start this side of my research.  

 A little light reading about DNA for the genealogist

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