Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Laying the groundwork part 4

Much of my research involves the history of the Scots. They immigrated in large numbers to Canada and made up a large part of the population of Nova Scotia. As appropriate, the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit will also be offering sessions about the Scots. Even better, it looks like the sessions are about the Scots who came from the Highland areas which is just where my interests lie.

Waves of Scottish immigrants reached Canadian shores. Immigration wasn’t just because of the Highland Clearances that started towards the end of the 18th century. Scots had been leaving their home country for decades before that time and sometimes it is hard to pin down a date.

I am fortunate to know when my Ontario Scottish families came to Canada. The year of immigration was one of the questions on a census in which they appeared. The year of immigration of my Nova Scotia Scottish research families is unclear. I haven’t even been able to find where in Scotland they came from but I lean towards somewhere in the Highlands as they have a Mac name and were Catholic. I hope the summit sessions will give me some clues for future research.   

The Clan Donald Centre on Skye. Skye is the origin of one of my Ontario families

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