Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bringing it home, part 1

Whew, that trip went by quickly. There was something to do everyday, from getting together with people, to exploring places and learning new things. I just landed at my home airport last night. It is great to be home in my own place, although I know there are piles of research that already need organizing here. Now there is more from my trip. But this time I intend to take stock of what I brought home. My suitcase is unpacked. Now it is time to unpack my notes and memories.

One of the best parts about going to different places to research is all of the clues that can be picked up. Sometimes it is like looking at your research through new eyes. The trick is to remember the clues and not just note them down and forget about them. 

It is not only notes that need to be combed through. Throughout my travels my phone and camera were at the ready. I hate when I end up with interesting pictures but can't remember where they are. I should make note of their locations as maybe there are clues there as well. Hmm, research trips seem to be work coming and going!


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