Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Story of Vancouver in the ‘70s, part 11

As I remember it, it was a few years later and I had my own apartment in Vancouver. Chris was staying with me. I don’t recall how it was arranged, but Colin came to visit. It must have been the first time that we spoke to him after Diane’s death. 

Chris asked him how he was doing and he said that he was doing better now. It had taken him a long time to get to this point. 

            “They suspected me, at first.” he said. “Guess they automatically suspect the partner.”

            “I’ve heard that,” said Chris. 

            “It was hard.”

            Chris made sympathetic noises.

            “The guy that did it lived in the apartment building.”

            Chris and I looked at each other uneasily.

            “They matched the wire from his TV antenna.”

I pictured a TV antenna with no wire. That didn’t make sense to me. If it was broken why not throw it out?

That is the conversation as I remember it. We must have reminisced about the fun times we had when we first got to Vancouver and Colin and Diane showed us the sights. And who could forget dressing up for the Elton John concert? 

Before he left, Colin gave us both pictures that he had enlarged of him and Diane. I still have that shot of Diane and Colin posing outside a house. They are dressed casually and look happy and smiling and oh so young.  


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