Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Story of Vancouver in the '70s, part 10

The feeling that had compelled us to leave Vancouver, that knowledge that something bad was going to happen, disappeared when we got to Calgary. When the premonition came to mine after we moved, we were relieved that we had out smarted any nastiness by running away.

Not that our time in Calgary was all rosy. Some good happened there and a lot of bad. Ultimately our time in Calgary had seen the end of our group as we split up and went our separate ways. 

During our visit to Vancouver, we discovered that we hadn’t out smarted the bad feeling, just distanced ourselves from it. Should we have warned Colin and Diane? Would it have changed anything if we had? It’s hard to say. We thought that the evil was in Vancouver, turns out that the evil was specific to the building where we had the premonition. It was in that apartment that Diane was murdered. 

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