Friday, 31 March 2017

A Story of Vancouver in the ‘70s, part 9

The visit to Vancouver was one of the final things our group of four did together. The trip confirmed my desire to move back as soon as possible. It was during that visit that I started working on my plan to return. Although we were only in Vancouver for long weekend, I went back to Calgary with connections to a new group and a new place to stay. It would take me a few more months before I was able to return to Vancouver for good.

While I was laying my plans, the two guys must have been making theirs. It was only a little while after we had returned to Calgary that they both left for Fort McMurray, which was a draw for job-hungry men even back then. As for Chris, she must have been thinking along the same lines as me because she ended up in BC as well. 

Perhaps Diane’s death had influenced Chris’s decision. It was hard to believe that someone so young and vital was gone. Even I, who had not been as close to Diane, felt that life was more precious knowing that it could be snatched away at any time. 

 Vancouver from Kits Beach many years after the '70s

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