Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Story of Vancouver in the ‘70s, part 5

There was a night during our time in the Vancouver of the ‘70s that remains in my memory. Was it in 1975 or 1976? I can’t really pin it down. I don’t know if I would have remembered that evening no matter what or if it is etched in my memory because of what came later.

By that time the boys in our original crew had left town. They believed there were more opportunities in Alberta and they wanted us to come and join them. Christine and I were not sure that we wanted to leave Vancouver.  Living in Kits was interesting. There were funky stores to explore and a great music scene and the new arrivals from Nova Scotia quickly became friends. Did Calgary have that to offer? 

Chris and I were still mulling the move over. We would discuss Calgary whenever we saw each other, which wasn’t that often. I am not sure why Chris wasn’t that keen on the move as it was her boyfriend who was asking her to join him. I didn’t have that kind of incentive. Besides, I had heard that it got cold in Calgary. Then came that night that influenced our decision. 

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