Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cars, Journeys and Change part 5

Once we made the decision to head to Vancouver from Florida, we didn’t turn back to Canada right away. We charted a course westward across the continent. Our funds were running low and we couldn’t linger long so there was little exploring along the way. I remember being surprised at the huge Baptist Churches, large enough to rival Montreal’s Roman Catholic houses of worship. We also experienced our first sand storm as we crossed the southern states. After that it was just a blur of highway punctuated by fast food joints. 

Our route took us west to California and then up the coast. We took the luggage we had started out with and the souvenirs we had picked up along the way. With six people there were a lot of souvenirs. When we crossed into Canada the border guards took one look at our packed car, the roof rack with its tarp covered luggage with the two diving tanks in front and waved us through. 

It felt good to be back in Canada. It was home even if it was on the other side of the country. We quickly found a house to rent and lined up jobs, at least four of us did. Two weeks after we moved into our rental house the car owner and her boyfriend announced they were going back to Nova Scotia. It was a sad day when we waved good bye to the car that had been part of our lives for so long. When it left we were stranded in Vancouver.

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