Friday, 11 November 2016


One of the mysteries in my research is what happened to Angus McLaughlin who I wrote about previously in “Halifax, a Casualty of War”. Angus was one of three McLaughlin brothers. He was a twin to Archibald and they had an older brother, John William. I was able to trace Angus and John William through their military records. They both fought in France and gave their lives for King and country. They are commemorated on the New Glasgow War Memorial. This memorial was unveiled in 1929 and I wonder if Angus at the unveiling to remember his brothers. 

Whether or not Angus remembered his brothers, he was his children’s link to the McLaughlin family. When Angus disappeared so did his family’s link to part of their past. If Angus’ children knew about their uncles this knowledge was lost in the following generation. This brings another meaning to “lest we forget”. I wonder how many other families have lost similar links.    

 The New Glasgow War Memorial


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