Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Co-operative Venture part 3

While researching co-operative housing, most of the information I found about co-ops was for projects which were built from the ground up or were major renovations using existing housing stock adjacent to each other. Our co-op was not like that. We were looking for existing housing but it didn’t have to be in the same area. What we ended up with were single family dwellings and some duplexes which were in different Halifax neighbourhoods. I believe that the house on Prescott Street was the only one of our co-op’s houses which was in the North End. 

It was an interesting experience to house-hunt by committee. I remember looking at quite a few residences. There was usually a group of us going through trying to figure out if the house was right for us and, at the same time, who would get to live there. We were a group of couples. I think that my boyfriend only knew one of the couples. The rest were unknown but that would change in a hurry!

House hunting by committee
Cole, Leslie. Under Construction: A History of Co-operative Housing in Canada, Borealis Press, Ottawa, Ontario, 2008.

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