Saturday, 16 July 2016

Halifax, a Casualty of War part 5

In 1914 when the First World War was declared, Mary Margaret McLaughlin was a widow living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Her three sons, John William and the twins, Archibald and Angus lived with her. Was she proud when two of her sons joined up to fight and was she happy that one of the twins, Angus, stayed behind? Why didn't Angus join up as well, was that because he was a married man? Did he actually support his wife and family, even though he didn't live with them?

So many questions but my main concern was whether any of these McLaughlins were involved in the Halifax Explosion. The two brothers who went to war never made it back home, John William died in 1915 and Archie died in August of 1917; so neither of them died in the explosion. I have looked for years but have not found records for Angus after the death of his twin. Did he move to Somerville, Massachusetts with his mother or stay in the vicinity of New Glasgow or maybe even move to Halifax in time for the Halifax Explosion? Perhaps one day I will find out.

The New Glasgow War Memorial commemorates John William and Archibald McLaughlin

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