Monday, 25 July 2016

A Co-operative Venture part 1

There is a story behind my sojourn in the North End of Halifax. Well, more than one story really but how I came to live in the house on Prescott Street has a lot to do with the co-operative housing movement in Canada. 

At the time, we were living at Boutliers Point, a picturesque area close to Halifax and not that far from Peggy’s Cove which is a popular tourist destination. It was a beautiful place but not a practical place to live and commute to Halifax without a car. There was a bus but it only ran a few times each day. So when some friends told us they were setting up a housing co-op we were more than interested. 

Co-operative housing has helped many people to achieve the dream of living in affordable and decent housing. A lot can be achieved when a group co-operates toward a common goal – if everything works out.

The front yard of our home in Boutliers Point. The easiest way to get to the home of the 
woman who handled the post was walking along the railway track

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